Gerrie Diaz

The surprising traits of good remote leaders

Those chosen as remote leaders were doers, who tended towards planning, connecting teammates with help and resources, keeping an eye on upcoming tasks and, most importantly, getting things done. These leaders were goal-focused, productive, depe...

The feedback fallacy

Excellence is an outcome, so take note of when a prospect leans into a sales pitch, a project runs smoothly, or an angry customer suddenly calms down. Then turn to the team member who created the outcome and say, ‘That! Yes, that!’ By doing thi...

If it's a nice problem to have, don't solve it now

Whilst I’m building signup, I realise that I probably also need reset password functionality. If a user signs up, but then forgets their password, that’s a problem. But from my perspective right now, is this a nice problem to have? Actually, ye...

Invert, always, invert

Inversion is based on the maxim - invert, always, invert. It is about considering an inverse (usually a negative) outcome and listing the reasons for these. It forces you to either stop doing certain things or avoid the actions that lead to the...

22 principles for great product managers

Every project includes a mix of Discovery, Design, and Delivery (and iteration); you should make sure these run in sequence.

Productively managing conflict

Alternative processes (e.g. ‘dedicate 20% of engineering time to improving platform response speeds,’ or ‘if we fall below a certains speed benchmark, we’ll pause other priorities to get back to our standards’) would have allowed you to more sm...

How the pizza-focused app Slice got their first 1000 customers

Fit yourself within the existing workflow to show value and then change them for the better.

Cost and value

Your customers don’t care what it took for you to make something. They care about what it does for them.

Delegate what you know best

Because it is easier to monitor something with which you are familiar, if you have a choice you should delegate those activities you know best.

How to lead from home

Many have talked about it’s important not to be continually working, just because we’re working from home. For managers, I’d take this further: let’s not pressure our teams to be continually online without realising we are doing so. If we do no...