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About Me

I love to build technology that connects people and positively impacts society. My interests include: Product Management, Sports, and Psychology.


I am intrigued by how humans and animals think, and also by how complex systems can be decomposed into simple processes. There are levels to everything and I tend to dig at least one level deeper, usually via clarifying questions in order to make better informed decisions (see Reversible and Irreversible Decisions).


I love to bounce ideas with others in order to surface different perspectives. I am a firm believer that without diversity, teams can succumb to groupthink rather quickly, at least initially.

Not many things in this world can be done in isolation. If you are a one-person shop, a rockstar engineer AND a stellar designer, you’ll still need to collaborate with your customers!


Nothing is truly “perfect.” And in the business world, it behooves us not to seek perfect but to build & deliver frequently in order to maintain constant feedback loops. I love to operate as Lean as possible so we don’t end up in the tree swing cartoon:

tree-swing-storyboard credit: projectcartoon.com