Gerrie Diaz

Who are you trying to impress with your deadlines?

Your users don’t care about a missed sprint. Hard deadlines are not user first, they are management first. Deadlines are good, they create a sense of urgency, bring predictability to your processes and for these reasons you should have them. Bu...

Website accessibility for people with disabilities is still an issue. Here's why.

In fact, Domino’s referenced Title III when they approached the Supreme Court with their case, questioning whether it requires businesses’ websites and mobile apps to comply with the ADA’s accessibility requirements for people with disabilities.

Designing for design systems

Designers are very intentional in the decisions they make. This is what keeps websites consistent and understandable. These design decisions can be broken down into a what and a why.

The aesthetic-accessibility paradox

Why isn’t an interface that’s balanced with aesthetics and accessibility easy on the eyes for everyone? Within the subset of the minority, there’s another majority and minority. The majority of the minority are users who don’t have extreme visu...