Gerrie Diaz

No one escapes this law

Bad character might drive someone into a position of leadership—because of their ambition, their ruthlessness, their shamelessness—but eventually, inevitably, this supposed “strength” becomes an Achilles’ heel when it comes time to actually do ...

You should always find something to do

We kill time as time is literally killing us. Who says you’ll get more moments? Can you really afford to let any be wasted?

Don’t confuse a bug’s priority with its severity

Effective bug triage is an essential hygiene and success factor for anyone managing a software release. Knowing how to look at a bug and then attach a priority to it is the first step in an effective triage process. While knowing how severe a b...

The stories the people closest to Kobe Bryant keep remembering

It seems pretty simple to me, you love what you do. You figure out how to do that to the best of your abilities. And you don’t stop until you figure it out.

You aren’t communicating nearly enough

If you develop the habit of communicating problems as soon as you suspect them, instead of waiting until there is no hope, you and your team are going to be much happier.

Problems, not solutions

Despite the most visible or tangible artifact being what we ship at the end of the day, the most valuable contribution a product manager can make is properly framing the problem at the onset, to ensure we’re delivering the right solution, to th...

Great PMs don’t spend their time on solutions

I encourage you to try changing how you spend your time. Do it on something small, obsess about the problem definition. Then see how fast and easy it is to know what to build, to build it, and to see customers value it because you truly underst...

Meet the Reddit user who keeps beating powerful NBA reporters to scoops

SEAinLA won’t post scoops to Reddit without his friends’ permission, and only if they’re certain the information is correct. All of his posts have turned out to be accurate thus far.

Overcoming bias - how bees argue

And that’s how bee swarms argue, re: picking a new site. The process only includes an elite of the most experienced 3-5% of bees. That elite all starts out with no opinion, and then slowly some of them acquire opinions, at first directly and rando...

Who are you trying to impress with your deadlines?

There are two types of facts, and two types of thinking. They can be combined into four techniques for making sense of the world.